Key Gaming Events for Marketing Campaigns

key gaming events for marketing activations
There are many gaming events for brands to connect with gamers. In this post, we discuss why you should execute year-round event marketing activations instead of focusing on a single event.

More than 320,000 gamers and games industry professionals attended Gamescom 2023 – which is 55,000 more than Gamescom 2022. It’s the strongest evidence yet that the hunger for high-quality gaming events is back in full strength.

The role of big marketing activations in shaping gamer perceptions and driving brand engagement has never been more important for brands of all sizes. Big events like Gamescom stand out as great platforms for these activations – but it’s important to recognize that the potential for impactful experiences isn’t limited to one event a year.

Many different gaming events give you unique opportunities to engage audiences and achieve marketing objectives. In this article, we talk about why extending your marketing to other gaming events can be a strategic move that amplifies brand reach, strengthens your presence in the games industry and accelerates marketing success. 

Some Key Upcoming Events to Consider:

  • PAX West (September 1st)
  • Tokyo Game Show (September 21st
  • EGX London (October 12th
  • Paris Games Week (November 1st
  • The Game Awards (December 7th
  • GDC (March 18th, 2024) 
  • PAX East (March 21st, 2024) 
  • Gamescom (August 21st, 2024)

We have more information on these events at the end of this article. 

Connect with All Gaming Audience Segments 

Different gaming events attract distinct segments of the gaming and tech community. There are events that cater to indie game developers, esports, VR/AR, and more.  

You should tailor your marketing strategies to resonate with diverse demographics across all gaming events. Missing out on activations for a range of events throughout the year means you might not be reaching gamers who might truly connect with your game, product or brand itself. 

Maintain Year-Round Brand Momentum

It’s important to maintain a consistent brand presence beyond one or two major events like Gamescom. The “out of sight, out of mind” concept applies to the games industry – strategically timed marketing campaigns can keep your company, game or products from fading into obscurity between large-scale events. 

You can look to Xbox as a good example of a brand that delivers activations throughout the year to keep gamers engaged. The company was involved in nearly two dozen gaming events in the span of one month this summer, including Summer Games Fest, PC Gaming Show 2023, and Access-Ability Summer Showcase. Their event area at Gamescom was praised for its accessibility and accommodations for all gamers.

You don’t need a massive budget to make an impact with your marketing – just pick a few key gaming events to focus your energy and time on.  

Nurture Relationships with Industry Stakeholders

It’s no surprise – there is massive potential for networking opportunities provided by gaming marketing events. If you’ve been to Gamescom or any large gaming event, you already know – meeting calendars can fill up fast. It’s difficult (and unrealistic) to rely on one single event to make any lasting impressions with key industry players.  

There’s simply too little time to connect with people at any one event, and too many others fighting for that time.

People build up personal and professional relationships with others over a longer time span. Consistent activations throughout the year can help you build strong relationships with influencers, developers, publishers, media and potential partners. 

Evolve Your Marketing Activations

The gaming and technology industries are dynamic, with new products and services launching all the time. Marketing activations at events spread throughout the year give you a chance to showcase different parts of your pipeline or portfolio.

Marketing trends in the gaming and tech sectors can be fast paced. Being involved in several different events throughout the year allows you to experiment with new strategies and formats in line with those trends. 

Embrace a Multi-Faceted Approach to Gaming Events Marketing 

It’s obvious there’s a resurgence of demand for top-tier gaming events, and an opportunity to craft impactful experiences for your target audience at those events. Gamescom is a great space to do this, but brands should establish a year-round presence to maximize reach & achieve long-term marketing success. 

Tailoring strategies for distinct demographics across events like PAX West, Tokyo Game Show, EGX London, Paris Games Week, The Game Awards, GDC and more, gives you comprehensive audience engagement. A multi-event engagement and consistent brand representation strategy prevents your game or product from fading into the background. 

Key Gaming Events for Games Marketing

  • PAX West (September 1st) — PAX West is a major gaming expo held in Seattle that brings together gamers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts. It features a diverse range of games, booths and panels, game music concerts and interactive experiences. Attendance is about 120,000 visitors. 
  • Tokyo Game Show (September 21st) — Tokyo Game Show is a renowned event for gamers, developers, and tech enthusiasts. It showcases the latest in video games and emerging technologies. Attendance is about 140,000 visitors. 
  • EGX London (October 12th) — EGX London is a gaming convention tailored to gamers. It includes hands-on game demos, developer sessions, and esports competitions, making it a hub for both players and industry professionals. Attendance is about 75,000 visitors. 
  • Paris Games Week (November 1st) — Paris Games Week is a major European gaming event that connects gamers and industry insiders. It features a wide range of game showcases, competitions, and announcements. Attendance is from 150,000-300,000 visitors. 
  • The Game Awards (December 7th) — The Game Awards is a globally recognized awards show, held in Los Angeles, that celebrates excellence in the gaming industry. It brings together developers, celebrities, and fans to honor outstanding games and innovations. Attendance is 1,000 visitors, and an additional 103 million viewers. 
  • GDC (March 18th, 2024) — The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is for game creators, developers, and industry professionals. It offers discussions, lectures, and networking opportunities. Attendance is about 28,000. 
  • PAX East (March 21st, 2024) — PAX East is another prominent PAX event for gamers and industry players. It showcases a broad spectrum of games, from indie to mainstream, along with panels and community activities. Attendance is about 70,000. 

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